People seducing people to eat fried chicken.

Best Biter Hire

The world's first Best Biter?

The fast food industry spends millions on food styling and professional shoots featuring paid talents enjoying their food. But the average person spends way more time on social seeking out authentic content than branded commercials. So we decided to let the people seduce one another instead.

Best Biter Hire was an official contract job worth $20,000 for the one candidate who boasts the odd and uncanny ability to incept cravings simply by the way they bite. This odd but juicy competition turned Instagram into temptation island as the auditions poured in socially, featuring nothing but people enjoying a juicy piece of KFC fried chicken. A lot like... erm, monkey see monkey do.

GOLD (Social & Influencer) - Creative Circle Awards 2024

SILVER (Direct) - Creative Circle Awards 2024

BRONZE (Direct) - Creative Circle Awards 2024

BRONZE (PR) - Creative Circle Awards 2024