Shooting for crypto glory with 250 million football fans.

Born to Lead

NFT to a tee.

Our brief from the client was simple: get 250 million AC Milan fans around the world to lead the financial future towards crypto with BitMEX.

To do that we had to find a unique way to reel the fans in. From the outset we knew - to be a crypto adopter, you need to be a risk-taker, the defining character of a leader. And AC Milan fans are known to be that.

As a football fan, you'd know the captain’s armband is the most definitive and literal symbol of a leader in football. It’s usually worn on the left arm and lucky for us, it’s where the BitMEX logo is on the jersey. So we capitalised on the armband to tell stories of club, player and fan leadership. It became the campaign motif.

We created a physical and an NFT armband that can be co-owned by both the player and a fan. This brings the fans closer to their club. The armband is woven with iconic winning moments of the player and club.

Beyond the pitch.

We were shooting for the stars, so naturally we created an army of fun social content that got the fans talking about the partnership. From manifesto videos to GIFS and posters, the football internet was plastered with our content. All capitalising on the power of the armband.

NFTs are currently in the works, where fans can co-own it with the club's legendary players. Talk about power sharing.