Shapeshifting tennis court.

Break The Court

Smashing gender expectations on court.

Pink over blue. Dolls over cars. Dresses over shirts. Shy, sexy, sassy. The damn boxes that we put women in. But constraints create creativity. And we know nothing can’t stop em’. No less a shapeshifting tennis court that challenges women tennis players to rise above constraints.

Push to breaking point.

So for an exhibition match between Naomi Osaka and Angelique Kerber, we wanted to create a projection-mapped tennis court that breaks its lines and shifts its shape after every point, challenging  the players to think creatively and win through the limitations.

Game time for a smashing time.

The usually silent crowd in a tennis match now becomes an essential part of the game. The shape changes with increasing frequency when spurred by the crowd’s loud cheers. So, the louder the place gets, the more difficult the shapes become, making the game increasingly fun to watch and play at the same time.