Exposing travel braggers with unfiltered IG Stories.

Find Yourself

Stories your friends don't want you to see.

Unfiltered Instagram Stories that expose what happens in hotels when people are not travel- bragging on Instagram. The campaign revealed an unglamorous reality of what people wouldn’t want their followers to see versus what they are happy to show off to the world.

It was a parody of eat, pray, love. The vertical videos were shot purely on iPhone to mimic a low- fi and spur-of-the-moment style of real, everyday stories. So, when people watched the videos, it felt like they were watching their friend’s real travel stories. The candid stories wove a playful mix of GIFs, stickers, cliched hashtags and music for a tongue-in-cheek and fun vibe.

Shot on iPhone. And other phones.

With a very limited budget and a giant intention to slay the Goliaths of the OTAs, this was a razor-sharp campaign that would make even David proud. The content was satirical, engaging and discerning for millennials; veering away from a sea of skippable brand content on Stories and one that looks like their friend’s. It wasn't Hotels.com best-performing social campaign globally without a reason.

And to think it was all shot on my own iPhone with just the working team as actors, directors, props and I even make a cameo in one of the videos. Bringing low budget to a new low.