The KFC underwear no one asked for but everyone fought for.

Lucky Undie

888 pieces sold out in just 13 mins.

The Year of the Dragon 2024 or any Lunar New Year for that matter is all about ushering prosperity. But as our luck would have it, according to the Chinese Zodialogical wisdom, the Rooster is deemed the best ally to the Dragon in bringing even more good fortune. So the iconic rooster brand got into the business of selling luck: we created lucky underwear in collaboration with a feng shui master.

Man, it was wild. Within 13 mins of its release in stores, all 888 pieces were gone in a flash. The madness didn't stop there. The coveted underwear made their way to Carousell, Singapore biggest resale platform, commanding a staggering $8,888. Eventually, the price settled at a still-impressive $500. I could not believe my luck. R/GA Global saw this and decided, yep, it's making its way to Cannes 2024.

This is the story of how we did what we did with the undie.