When your travel hangover is a serious illness.

Post-travel Withdrawal Syndrome

Bad news! You're diagnosed with PTWS.

Think of all the times you’ve returned from an amazing holiday feeling like the world is closing in on you. Well, that’s post-travel withdrawal syndrome (PTWS) for you. Ok, it's not life-threatening but recovery can be painfully slow. So we turned that into a serious illness, dramatised it, and gave it the cred it deserved. The cure though? Book another holiday. Call it a hair-of-the-dog solution to a travel hangover.

Blending pitch-black humour with a human story.

These were the films both my partner and I edited over the course of a night to pitch the concept to the clients. We dramatised what it felt to have PTWS with dark humour. Needless to say, the clients lapped it up and green lit the project in an instant.

PTWS caller helpline.

The campaign’s focal point is a crisis helpline that’s also a remedy for pain. How? Call in and tell us how bad your PTWS symptoms are. We’ll give you an instant dose of discounts to cure your condition with another holiday. The more down you are, the higher the discount you get. You can use the promo code onHotels.com to book another holiday immediately.

When a hangover made the headlines.