The Motorcycle Diaries, but for everyday hustlers.

Mobil Super Moto
Ride your Story

More kilometres, more stories.

The motorcycle is a symbol of the Vietnamese hustle. Their journey with their motorcycles are stories waiting to be told. The more kilometres clocked in, the more stories to tell. Mobil invited Vietnamese motorcyclists to ride their story on their socials.

Like the Motorcycle Diaries but on socials.

We created 2 short films, based on real-life stories featuring a rock artist and a fashion stylist. Their bikes weren't just a means to an end, they were a part of their identities. The films were released on socials and soon, stories from everyday hustlers were pouring in from all corners of the web—for an all-paid-for road trip around Vietnam.

“Who knew a PR agency could do this?”

The clients said it, not me. This was a social media campaign that extended beyond social feeds. We plastered the campaign all over Saigon, in garages and bike shops.